Nano opto-electromechanic (NOEMS) with 2D materials




Figure: Monolayer of MoS2 fully suspended over SiO2 pillars with optomechnaical measurements of resonants frequencies in function of the drums dimensions

Nanomechanical systems have been at the heart of recent physic discoveries of importance, as detection of cosmic gravitational waves. A high potential lies in the atomically thin layer of transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) for nanomechanic as MoS2. In principle, suspending such monolayer TMDs should form remarkable opto-mechanical resonators which forms a rich platform for condensed matter problems like electronic, optic and crystalline phase transition. There polymorphisms provide a route for investigating phase transitions with the extreme sensitivity of optomechanic with TMDs to external force and adsorbed masses. 

Our activities focus on a new sample type with large suspended monolayer MoS2 with electrical contacts. This type of hybrid structure of opto-electro-mechanic (NOEMS) couples at the same time the nanomechanics with interesting properties of the large 2D materials.