a lab tour


Labram HR Evolution Horiba

We use a Raman spectrometer with 3 laser (325nm, 532nm, 633nm) , a low frequency range option(<3cm-1)

We have implemented a linkam cell and two different cells

for 70-600K measurements under vacuum (10-4mbar) and/or electrical measurements




Nano-opto-electro-mechanic (NOEMs platform) with a cryofree system (3K-10-9mbar- mycryofirm)

this set-up has a 633nm helium laser, a lot of Thorlab equipment, attocube positionners, low noise electronic, high frequency  generator and lock-ins zurich instrument 




AFM Park system

We use a Park system Atomic Force Microscope for PFM, KPFM... 




Epitaxial graphene on SiC

Our group has a deep knowledge of the growth of epitaxial graphene on SiC susbtrate with this Q therm oven system




2D Transition metal dichalcogenides material

We have an oven for the growth of 100 µm wide 2D crystal of monolayer, bilayer of WSe2,...




A glove box

We have a glove box combined with teh 2D material growth system




transfert station for 2D (HQ graphene)

We have a transfert station for 2D material in order to create 2D heterostructures and to transfert CVD materials